The Star Wars Complete Saga on Blu is $79.99 on Amazon


Title says it all, kids. That is, as of this writing, the cheapest price for this massive set on the Internet that I could find. I pre-ordered the set at Comic Con this year, so it was nice to see I could cancel my pre-order and save ten bucks by buying through Amazon. 

We’ve railed against Lucas’s hypocritical changes to the movies for this blu-ray set quite a bit over the last two weeks. Here’s the thing, though. Star Wars is important to me. Hell, I wrote about it very early on in Flixist’s life as a movie that changed me, and Josh wrote about it that way too. Whatever the prequels or the continued changes Lucas makes do doesn’t matter. It’s a series that’s as integral to my love of movies as anything else in the history of film. When this blu-ray set arrives at my house, expect a long series of articles where I look back on the Star Wars saga and what the films mean today.

[Via Amazon]