The Thing: The Musical delivers what you’ve always wanted


Have you ever woke up one morning and thought to yourself “Man, I really wish a musical about The Thing was really a thing”. Have you also thought “I wish said musical was told from the prospective of The Thing and done in the croner stylings of a young Frank Sinatra?” Really? You have? That’s ODDLY specific.

Still, today is your day! Above is the latest from Jon & Al, the creative minds behind musical renditions of Conan, Robocop and even Schindler’s List. They’ve recently taken aim at John Carpenter’s The Thing, and it just might be the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard about paranoia and decapitated head spiders (and believe me, I’ve heard them all).

Do yourself a favor and watch the video above. Let it serve as a refresher for the upcoming prequel.

[Via YouTube]