The Tick cancelled by Amazon after season 2


Damn it. Stupid streaming services. 

Amazon today announced that The Tick, the latest television adaptation of the classic comic series, will not be picked up for a third season. As for reasons, they listed a hatred of darkly comic TV shows, not liking things that are fun, and wanting to ruin everyone’s day. It may also be because the ratings weren’t good and it probably cost a lot of money to make, but I really think it was those other things more so. 

This new version of The Tick was actually something pretty special. It eschewed the cartoon and previous live action shows more comic book roots for a blend of comedy and actual drama that made it stand out. The humor was still there, but it was grounded in an interesting and surprisingly emotional story about friendship, loss, and family. The first season was far darker and more interesting than I ever expected, and I’m still looking forward to binging the second season soon. That, of course, makes me part of the problem. Maybe if we had all tuned in a little faster we’d be getting a third season.

Thankfully, there is still some hope. As you can see in the Tweet above, in which Tick creator Ben Edlund announced the show’s cancellation, the creators are looking for a new home for the big blue hero. What are the actual chances of that happening? I’m not so sure. While the cartoon was successful on Fox, this is the second live action series that hasn’t made it very far. It’s going to be harder and harder to convince execs that The Tick is worth betting on, especially since superhero shows are inherently more expensive than most others.

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