The Tracker sounds like a long lost 80s romp

THE TRACKER - On Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital 9/24

The Tracker is a new film starring Dolph Lundgren that looks like a long lost 80s action romp. It casts Lundgren as a “troubled warrior who returns home to solve the mystery of his family’s murder.” In all honesty, it looks boring as hell, but I had to post the trailer because of its obvious reverence for 80s cheese.

Lundgren plays this super badass who kills first and asks questions later. That’s kind of a lousy way to do things (dead people can’t talk), but it’s certainly what we all used to go to the cinema for. I’m mainly concerned with how grimdark and serious The Tracker looks. Comparing this to other dumb flicks like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Eraser and it doesn’t seem to be having any kind of fun. It doesn’t even have a cheeseball line of Lundgren going, “I will track you!”

Regardless, The Tracker will be hitting select theaters on August 8, 2019. You can also find it on-demand on the same day.

Peter Glagowski
Peter is an aspiring writer with a passion for gaming and fitness. If you can't find him in front of a game, you'll most likely find him pumping iron.