The trailer for Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville’s Skiptrace would be better with Adele


It’s been a long while since Jackie Chan’s put out a genuinely good movie. In my opinion, his last great film was 2004’s New Police Story, though he’s still capable of some flashes of brilliance as seen in 2013’s Chinese Zodiac.

Skiptrace looks like a serviceable Jackie Chan buddy movie from the early 2000s, like a knock-off version of Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon. Instead of Chris Tucker and Owen Wilson, you get Johnny Knoxville. In the director’s chair is Renny Harlin, the man responsible for Cliffhanger, Die Hard 2, The Adventures of Ford Fairlaine, and Cutthroat Island. (Harlin is still a trade up from Brett Ratner.)

Check out the trailer for this throwback action-comedy below.

Skiptrace Official Trailer (2016 DTV) - Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville

If the trailer actually ended with “Rolling in the Deep,” it would be kind of great. Instead, they used a non-royalty off-brand version of the song.

“Dolling in the Reep”?

“Sowing What You Reap”?

“Bowling on the Cheap”?

“Look Before You Leap”?

“Strolling Near the Creek”?

“Deleting Racist Tweets”?

“Shoes Are Totes on Fleek”?

“Drooling in Your Sleep”?

“Cajoling Easter Peeps”?

“Going Home to Weep”?

“Tolls Are Sort of Steep”?

“Crying While You Eat”?

“Rubbing Smelly Feet”?

“Sourdough or Wheat”?

Skiptrace will be out in theaters September 2nd.

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