The Twilight Zone movie could pull in serious talent


I just got The Twilight Zone Movie from my brother a couple months ago, and it really is some solid stuff in there. John Lithgow is a poor substitute for the raw ACTING…TAAAALENT of Bill Shatner (Lithgow stars in a remake of the seminal “Nightmare at 40,000 Feet”), but it’s solid stuff. I somehow COMPLETELY missed that Warner Brothers was actively developing another Twilight Zone movie in the same format, where several directors contribute shorts to the larger film. Oh wait. The movie’s only one long thing. Which makes TOTAL SENSE. The directors on WB’s shortlist are no less than some of the biggest directors in Hollywood right now. Also, Alfonso Cuaron is there. Anyway, the shortlist is presently composed of Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay, Rupert Wyatt, and the aforementioned Cuaron. Harry Potter regular David Yates was evidently also on the list at one point, but his chances are significantly smaller. Quick note. I LOVE Cuaron’s work. He isn’t exactly a bankable dude, though. I’d love to see him be part of this project.

Despite Bay being a personification of the awfulness of Los Angeles and Hollywood all rolled into one explosion-and-coke bonanza, I would be super excited to see these directors take on Twilight Zone tales.

[Via Variety]