The tyranny of The Hobbit continues, pictorially speaking


Ugh, look at this ugly picture of some of the ugly, stupid dwarves from The Hobbit, which will not be as good as Brave. These are Nori, Ori, and Dori, three loyal brothers played by Jed Brophy, Adam Brown, and Mark Hadlow, respectively.

All kidding aside, I’m enjoying the look of these dwarves. A problem I had with the original Lord of the Rings was that all of the elves looked basically the same, and so did all of the dwarves, what few we saw. Here, though, there’s real effort going into making them more individual, which is fantastic, because two whole movies of looking at a sea of short, similar people in beards would have been agonizing. Also, Ori doesn’t even have a beard! I though Varric from Dragon Age 2 had that market covered!

Anyway, when I can get one, I’ll put a higher resolution picture in the gallery. For now, you can check out the less-fancy once.

[Via First Showing]