The Witcher is getting a movie for some reason


You folks like movies? You folks like books? You folks like videogames? What if I told you that you could have everything all the time? Because it’s not like having everything you want is bad, right? Anyway, like most major book series turned videogame where a magical white haired man hunts down both animals and booty, The Witcher is getting a film version produced by the Sean Daniel Company (The Mummy series) and Polish production company Platige Image. Better yet they’ve hired Oscar nomainted (for his short film, The Cathedral) Tomasz Bagiński, who directs the videogame series’ cut scenes, to direct. 

It sounds like everyone involved knows what to do with the property, and if you were concerned about potential quality, the film will follow closer along with Andrzej Sapkowski’s original books as they’ll be influenced by his two short stories “The Witcher” and “Lesser Evil.” 

The Witcher is currently set for a 2017 release. 

[via IGN]