The Wolf of Wall Street has a lot of “F**k” in it


One of the more notable aspects of The Wolf of Wall Street is its explosive profanity. It’s used so often, and in such great amounts, I eventually had to use the word in my review for the film. But in a brilliant way, the word (like every other grotesque excess happening on screen) becomes such a hollow entity that you don’t realize it’s there until its gone. The Wolf of Wall Street gives a lot of “f**k”s, but exactly how many times is the expletive in the film? It’s a whole f**king lot. 

According to /Film (who have combed Wikipedia for the answer), the word “Fuck” is used 506 times within the film’s 179 minutes, breaking a record for the most uses of the word “Fuck” in a non-documentary film (topping the previous record holder, Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam at 435 uses). Hilariously enough, profanity is the least deplorable thing in the film. Every disgusting thing in the film is bundled together with a hilariously neat bow. It’s fantastic. The Wolf of Wall Street is still in theaters, so you should see it! 

[via /Film]