The Wolverine gets two posters full of yelling


(Update: New image stills have been added via /Film and Entertainment Weekly)

In terms of posters The Wolverine kind of peaked early. I doubt anything is going to be as awesome as the black and white ink poster we got back in October of last year even though they came close with the almost-as-awesome samurai sword poster. Now that’s it’s getting down to it though, we’re getting the more traditional style posters as these two illustrate.

Traditional and angry. Very, very angry. There’s a lot of yelling going on here and I think it’s safe to say that Wolverine might be looking to hurt some people. The black one from ComingSoon looks like the poster designer’s five-year-old son got into Paint and made it with the main philosophy behind his design being that you can never have enough ninjas.

While these two posters don’t hold a flame to the previous two they do confirm one thing: Hugh Jackman is ripped as all hell.

[via Empire and ComingSoon]

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