The World’s End shows off its pub’s signs


For those of you unaware, The Worlds End is about a bunch of British guys who go for an epic pub crawl during which some very crazy stuff goes down. The trailer can fill you in

Don’t you want to go to all those awesome pubs? Well, they really don’t exist, but the film’s marketing team has made some awesome signage for them anyway. It’s part of the virtual pub crawl they’ve created and that you can join in on. You can check out the tourism video above to learn about it and then the first four of the 12 pub’s signs. They’re all pretty wonderfully cliche. 

If I was just going by the signs I think I’d grab a pint at The First Post, but The Old Familiar’s blatant offer of two pints is tempting. More importantly if you you’re going to SDCC these signs can get you into an early screening of the film. Details are on The World’s End Facebook page.

[via Collider]

Matthew Razak
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