The World’s End stills released


Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost return in the final bite of their Cornetto trilogy. The World’s End represents the ‘Mint’ Cornetto, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead represented the Strawberry and Vanilla flavors respectively. As a Brit who has consumed many Cornettos in his lifetime, the Mint flavor is, honestly, a mixed bag. There’s a definite strong texture and that ‘minty’ essence that lingers on your breath but, otherwise, I much prefer the Strawberry ones. Food for thought eh? Given the talent at hand it’s just hard to imagine The World’s End turning out like its attached sundae treat; just utter lackluster.

Wright and company have released a slew of new fantastic imagery with two new stills. Hit the jump for more.

The new stills depict the great British traditions of drinking and looking afraid at ominous lighting. In the first still we see, according to Empire, from “left to right are Bluetoothed estate agent Oliver (Martin Freeman), one-time-rocker-turned-architectural-consultant Steven (Paddy Considine), successful lawyer and King’s now-estranged bestie Andy (Nick Frost) and car dealer Peter (Eddie Marsan)”. With the second still showing a rather distressed Pegg looking at something while dressed like everybody in Norwich. That probably went straight over your head.

Wright is honestly one of the best talents out there and with his Ant-Man darling coming out soon it’s good to find him busy. It’s been a good while since the Pegg, Frost and Wright triumvirate reared its head. From what we know of The World’s End it apparently features a Pub Crawl of apocalyptic proportions. Hopefully this ending of both the trilogy, and allegedly the world, won’t herald the end of the Pegg/Frost/Wright threesome. As someone who spent his tweenage years giggling at Spaced it’s hard to imagine them ever splitting up. 

[Via Empire]