There are more I Am Legend movies coming for some reason


I really loved the first half of I Am Legend. Will Smith gave a command performance as the lonely last man in Manhattan, the visuals of a city overgrown with vegetation were awesome, and there was just enough intelligence to make me think the movie was going to be pretty good. Then the second half of the movie happened, other people showed up, and any chance I was watching a good movie went out the window. Now, Warner Brothers has tasked Akiva Goldsmith to pen another I Am Legend film, with the desire to bring Will Smith back in his role as Robert Neville. This could prove a little funky, as Robert Neville sorta died at the end of the movie, though in the infinitely superior alternate ending he managed to survive. However, there’s no word on if this movie will be a sequel, perhaps dealing with the other survivors in Vermont, some sort of prequel, or even a parallel story set in the same timeframe in a different area. 

The only thing I could enjoy from more I Am Legend would be a prequel, with Will Smith’s character entirely by himself, going from decently respected scientist left behind in Manhattan to full on crazybones and talking to mannequins. 

[Via Deadline]