There are now two competing female Expendables films


You know that Adi Shankar produced female version of The Expendables we’ve slowly been getting news about? Well, looks like we’re getting two of those. The second female Expendables film is being produced by Millennium Films and Avi Lerner (the producers of The Expendamen) and will be titled horribly/deliciously Expendabelles. Do you GET IT?

I don’t know what to think of that title. It sounds like it’s joking, but it apparently is a franchise prone spin-off of the main series that “will show the feminine side of the mercenary business.” That could be taken either way. Expendabelles is also being written by the two writers of Legally Blonde, Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith, which is a drastic tone difference. Admittedly though, Legally Blond was pretty good in retrospect (so much so I might need to go in more detail about it someday) since it featured a strong female lead and central message that was wonderfully masked by the comedic tone. 

Ultimately, it’s all going to depend on the tone Expendabelles will take (and the tone of the untitled one for that matter). If it is exactly like the first Expendables was, aging female badasses come back to rock the house, then we might have a winner on our hands. If it turns out to be terrible then it’d be cool as a fan of women and badassness in general to say “Oh let’s not go see that one, let’s go see the other badass women movie.”

[via Deadline]