There’s a Dirty Girl in Juno’s temple


Horrible, I know. The Weinstein Company-produced Dirty Girl, directed by Abe Sylvia and starring Juno Temple, Milla Jovovich and William H. Macy, has been cut down to 90 minutes from its previous 109 minutes. This was done by none other than that devious Harvey Weinstein himself. According to sources, he did it in order to “get the most bang for their buck.” Pervert even likes to bang dollar bills. This comes as a huge shock because of reasons. Prior to this, that no-good scoundrel Harvey Weinstein was caught slicing and dicing his way through The King’s Speech in order to achieve a PG-13 rating. What a [email protected]

While a 20 minute cut seems like nothing to cry about, it could potentially damage first impressions of the film. What really gets my goat and rapes it is censorship. Though this type of change is motivated more by monetary reasons, it feels the same. It’s censoring and editing an artist’s intended message. Imagine if all companies did this: Jurassic Park cutting out the scary parts to make it more family friendly, them removing guns from E.T. and instead using walkie-talkies, Han shooting second in Star Wars or… uh… hm.

Oh yeah, and there’s this girl Juno Temple who seems to be rising to stardom, albeit on a cloud made of barbels. What about her role in all this? What about her LEGACY? Well, she’s been in a few small roles, including a street walker in The Dark Knight Rises and a nude scene in this movie called Kaboom… I mean, can NOBODY see this girl’s talent but me?!?

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[Via IndieWire]