There’s a Fantastic Four themed menu at Denny’s for some reason


If you’re new to the site, there’s one thing you should really know about us. We like terrible ideas. Although we’ll rip a bad film apart in a review, we all secretly love what they do for cinema. Namely, we get weird ideas like this. Denny’s, in all of their glorious wisdom, is teaming up with Fox’s Fantastic Four on a “Slamt4stic” themed menu releasing on the 23rd. Unlike their Hobbit menus in the past, there are only four new items:

  • The Human Torch Skillet
  • Invisible Woman Slam
  • Fantastic Four Cheese Omelet
  • The Thing Burger

Wait, “The Thing Burger?” Dear Jebus that is the worst name. “You want this thing in your mouth?” is sure to come later. We’ll start getting promos around the menu’s release and it’s sure to run until sometime after the film hits August 7th. If you’re interested, Denny’s is also running a sweepstakes you can enter here. 

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