There’s already a Planes sequel in the works


Big news out of Disney’s D23 Expo not long ago: Planes, The MouseHaus-produced pseudo-sequel to Disney/Pixar’s Cars franchise that is only just now making its way into theaters, has already had a theatrical followup greenlit. 

This Tweet by Topless Robot really says it all:

Eye-rolling popular opinion of the over-15 set notwithstanding, Disney evidently has a lot of faith in the upcoming weekend box office, especially since the prints of the first film are so fresh that the pixels are still wet and screaming.  

Other sources are saying that the quickie flick’s title will be Planes: Fire & Rescue. Which is probably a smart direction to go in from a merch-moving perspective. The same little-boy demo that begs for the folks to buy up ‘Mater toothpaste and Lightning McQueen bedsheets also universally goes gaga for fire trucks and squad cars and shit. Anything with a flashing light and a siren! So, good on the Disney peeps for knowing their audience.  

Planes: Fire & Rescue is due in theatres July 18th of ’14.

[Via Topless Robot and Cartoon Brew.]