There’s Going To Be Another Need For Speed Movie


My love for last year’s Need For Speed is a love that can only come from friendship and circumstance. It didn’t review well, primarily because it wasn’t very good, And yet, upon hearing that EA are partnering with Chinese production companies to produce a sequel, a great smile crossed my face. Maybe this time, they’ll finally make a movie as amazing as the first trailer.

Go and watch that trailer again. It’s a work of art, with Aaron Paul batmanning his prayer of racing revenge as a choir of angels sing over slow motion car crashes. A little part of me dared to dream, that this was going to be the most joyously stupid racing movie since Torque. Alas, it was not to be. A lot of the movie’s more earnest ridiculousness was relegated to cut scenes that remained only in the terrible, terrible novelisation. (And you better believe I read that book.)

But with this news, maybe, just maybe, I can dream again. Little Pete had a vision, dammit. And that vision will never die.

[via Variety]