There will never be a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League


San Diego Comic Con has only just started, but DC has had one hell of a busy day yesterday. Between announcing concrete plans for its streaming service, showing off the edge lord trailer of Titans, and giving us some more details about Young Justice: Outsiders, things are looking up for the company’s media output. I’m not sold on their streaming service yet, but I’m optimistic about their future. 

But before we can move on, we need to put something to rest. When Justice League came out last November to middling reviews, people were clamoring for a “Zack Snyder” cut of the movie. Since he had to leave production due to a family tragedy, fans have been demanding for a cut of the movie the way that Snyder intended. As it is, the movie is a bizarre mesh of Joss Whedon and Snyder’s vision that didn’t sit well at the end of the day. 

I’m sorry to say, but it looks like we’re never going to get a “Zack Snyder” cut of Justice League. When Snyder left the movie, it was before he actually was able to assemble a cut of the film. Even then, Snyder was already making plans for reshoots, so even if he did have a complete cut of the movie ready to go, it still wouldn’t be his true vision. He unfortunately had to leave before he could actually assemble and edit the movie. 

On that note, he apparently hasn’t seen Justice League either. His spokeswoman claims that he never saw the version of Justice League released in theatres. So we have a director that removed himself from his own movie, without assembling a working cut of the film, who also never saw the movie, being asked to make a version of the movie that he was not and will never be able to complete.

It’s honestly kind of sad that this is the case. I hate Batman v. Superman, but not because of Snyder. He’s a talented director and it’s a real shame that he’ll never be able to complete a version of the movie that he spent so much time on. Plus it seems like he’s done with the DCEU in general, so this was definitely a downer way for this story to end. 

Also, fuck Batman. 

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