These five new Skyfall posters leave a bit to be desired

0 revealed five new UK Skyfall posters today and successfully released the first bit of advertisement for the film that made me, a die hard Bond fan, not so happy. These posters could be more boring, but it would be pretty darn hard, especially the multi-character one. They’re all pretty dull, but that one just copy and pastes the single-character ones without even attempting to make it anything but four separate pictures stuck onto one poster.

I suppose they were going for a really simplistic feel, but these things just look lifeless. Daniel Craig’s poster is especially hideous thanks to a massive amount of photoshopping that makes him look more like a Ken doll than James Bond. I’m also really hoping that isn’t a blue velvet tuxedo because if so I’m going to burn this place to the ground. That crap may be trendy, but it sure as hell isn’t Bond.

Matthew Razak
Matthew Razak is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Flixist. He has worked as a critic for more than a decade, reviewing and talking about movies, TV shows, and videogames. He will talk your ear off about James Bond movies, Doctor Who, Zelda, and Star Trek.