These Inside Llewyn Davis trading cards are kind of the best


The Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis is one of the great, unsung movies of 2013. It’s bitter, brilliant, and ignored, which is sort of like its title character, come to think of it. I often think of the movie fondly and sadly. Maybe one day it’ll get the acclaim it deserves.

Llewyn Davis has his cult diehards, though. Case in point: writers Stephen Winchell and Grayson Davis created a fake set of Topps baseball cards for the film. The set of 40 cards captures key moments from the film, like the “Please, Mr. Kennedy” song and the part where the lady asks Llewyn about a cat’s scrotum. (It makes sense in context, guys.)

For a while, you could have purchased the entire set of 40 cards for just $5, with all proceeds going toward Planned Parenthood. However, because the demand was so great, they can no longer take any more orders for cards.

Maybe more people love that miserable Llewyn Davis than I thought. (Still, you should donate to Planned Parenthood.)

Check out a few select cards in the gallery. You can view all 40 cards by clicking here.

[via AV Club]

Hubert Vigilla
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