These Maleficent images are just so pretty


I honestly can’t express how excited I am for Maleficent. I’m a huge fan of the Disney Princess films (I’m a Princess at heart, you know), and a fan of Angelina Jolie, so Maleficent is like a peanut butter meets chocolate situation for me. I can’t seem to find anything I don’t like about all of this. Sure I’m a little hesitant as the amount of CG may clutter the screen and smother the performances, but it’s hard to stay that way when it keeps looking so pretty.

This newest batch of images gives us a nicer look at what’s been teased in the trailers. If Angelina Jolie can bring the right amount of ham to this cheese, then we’re in for a tasty sandwich. 

Maleficent is the fireball at the party May 30th.

[via Collider]