These new Peanuts images are the cutest thing ever


We’re going to get a big screen version of Charlie Brown and the rest of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts gang in a little under a year from now, so what better way to celebrate the holiday than with some new images? If you were worried that the upcoming Peanuts adaptation would somehow ruin your childhood memories, don’t worry as it sounds like everything is done with the old TV specials in mind. 

Speaking with USA Today, director Steve Martino (Ice Age: Continental Drift) says that the new film won’t be modern or old fashioned. Instead they’re trying to find a balance between the two styles as it focuses on Charlie Brown’s almost agonizing life. And if the film can look as gorgeous as the teaser, then I’m game. Peanuts hits theaters November 6th next year. Check out the beautiful images below. 

[via USA Today]