These Suicide Squad skull posters are ready for your Hot Topic shirts


I want to like Suicide Squad, I really do. It’s a David Ayer project, the cast is fine, and it’s DC’s “edgy” project, but a lot of the film’s style has been rubbing me the wrong way. From what I’ve seen of promotional images and trailers, it seems like the brainchild of a 12 year old emo kid who’s scribbling comic book designs into his notebook. 

Case in point, these line of character skull posters. While they’re a better idea than standard character posters, they’re more ready for Hot Topic’s line of gaudy clothing than they are some blockbuster DC film. Whatever works, I guess? It’s just so garish. I hope the final product is much better than we’re getting here. 

Suicide Squad releases August 5th. Expect a new trailer soon. 

[via /Film]