They’re making a Fruit Ninja movie, may God have mercy on us all


It was bound to happen. After The Angry Birds Movie came out (and did well at the box office), it would only be a matter of time before other time-waster mobile games were turned into feature films. Enter Fruit Ninja.

Yes. They are making a live-action family comedy out of Fruit Ninja. (Fun Fact: That last sentence was how Revelation 8:1 originally began.)

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Tripp Vinson will produce the movie under the Vinson Films banner, and has partnered with Halfbrick Studios. The script about ninjas cutting up produce will be written by J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani.

There have been more than 1 billion downloads of Fruit Ninja. Which means people want to see a movie of it? Oh well.

Who would you cast in Fruit Ninj— Okay, I can’t do it. This sounds dumb and awful and we’re probably going to get a Candy Crush movie greenlit in the next few months. Time to work on a good photoshop for future Fruit Ninja movie news…

[via THR]
Hubert Vigilla
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