Things are getting ugly in “Expendables” land


USA Today is reporting that the soured relationships surrounding the upcoming Expendables 3 have taken an even nastier turn.

The film’s writer and star Sylvester Stallone tweeted yesterday that former co-star Bruce Willis was no longer involved with the production, and that Harrison Ford was coming aboard instead. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows…Movies pick up and drop people all the time. And especially on a film like this, with so much on-screen talent needing to coordinate schedules all at once, it ordinarily wouldn’t be an unusual wrinkle to have to deal with.

What’s ruffled feathers is the followup tweet Sly slapped up immediately after the Harrison Ford announcement:

It seems pretty apparent to most to whom he’s referring. And in the wake of Willis’ medium-bad showing at a recent press junket for Red 2, it’s really not clear what the hell Brucie-poo is trying to accomplish, exactly. No matter what, it seems to be making for bruised egos all around.

So far, Mr. Stallone’s erstwhile co-star and Planet Hollywood business partner hasn’t responded. And as of this writing, Willis still appears on the film’s IMDb page.

The Expendables 3 starts shooting this month.

[via USA Today]