Third Tron film lands Garth Davis as director, basically confirming its existence


According to a new report from Variety, the third Tron movie has just landed Lion director Garth Davis. Disney hasn’t outright confirmed the news, but this basically confirms that a new installment in the cult-classic sci-fi series is coming. This comes after speculation last month that a new iteration would be happening in the very near future.

There were announcements made in 2017 about a potential sequel, but nothing has come to fruition as of yet. Disney seemingly doesn’t know where to take the Tron series and likely can’t come to an agreement about a sequel. The second film, Tron Legacy, was released some 28 years after the original and attempted to set up this big story arc that would run for multiple sequels. While not a box-office bomb, it didn’t live up to Disney’s expectations and any follow-ups were put on ice.

It’s strange to see that the company waited another decade to even really begin the third installment, but I suppose now would be the time. With some new attractions coming to Walt Disney World that are based on Tron (after having debuted in Shanghai Disney in 2016), this grabbing of Davis might be a part of some master plan for Tron and 2021.

Source: Variety

Peter Glagowski
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