This Ash vs. Evil Dead prop auction has all the demon babies and severed limbs you could hope for


Ash vs. Evil Dead is over, and it’s not coming back. Bruce Campbell has officially hung up his chainsaw, no network decided to rescue the show, and hope has shuttered on the idea of this iteration of the franchise continuing. And as the final nail of disappointment in the coffin, there’s now a huge auction of show props that no one can afford.

Well, someone can afford them, but I have no idea who that person is.

We’re currently in week one in a wide-spread auction of props and costumes that will last months and feature more than 1,000 items used on-screen throughout the three season run of Ash vs. Evil Dead. Starz is selling everything from the Necronomicon ($10,000) to a bundle of pencils and a pair of rusty scissors ($36). In a decidedly RadioShack movie, it looks like they’ll be selling the lampshades used on set by the time the auction’s out.

My personal favorite item currently on sale, though, is this exploding head and blood rig ($115). Someone want to buy it for me?

There’s a lot of cool stuff on sale, here, so the auction is more than worth checking out just for the internet window-shopping alone. Looking is always free!

The “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Prop and Costume Auction is the Coolest, Most Gruesome Auction We’ve Ever Seen [Bloody-Disgusting]

Kyle Yadlosky
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