This family’s not playing around in the Ready or Not red band trailer

READY OR NOT | Red Band Trailer [HD] | FOX Searchlight

Who knew Hide and Seek could be terrifying?

The trailer starts off in a rather unsettling manner with a bride having her photos taken on her wedding day, while the staff and grandmother look on in disgust. From the outset, it seems like this new addition to the family may not be the most welcome. We are then introduced to the wedding day/new addition to the family tradition of playing a game at midnight.

Games are harmless, right?

The bride (Samara Weaving) selects a card showing Hide and Seek. The rules are simple. She can hide anywhere and they try and find her. It’s hide and seek. The rules are built into the name. This family plays a little rougher than most though. She witnesses what happens when someone thinks they’ve found her. If gets caught she dies. That sure raises the stakes on a family game. What follows is a tense, bloody, and surprisingly funny series of events. A family member watching an instructional video of how to operate the crossbow he’s using to hunt said bride is one of the more ridiculous moments. This is all in service of a ritual that the family thinks they must perform before sunrise. So the pressure’s on.

There are definite vibes of You’re Next from this trailer. There’s also some residual feelings of Clue as well. There is a group of somewhat inept killers hunting for our heroine with the intent of her being the most recent in what seems like a long line of sacrifices. The darkly comedic humor on display is great though with a few laugh out loud moments that may catch you off guard. If this can scratch the itch that You’re Next managed to hit then this is a horror movie to keep your eye on.

Ready or Not will be released in theaters August 23, 2019