This! Is! Metropolis! 300 writer rewrites Man of Steel


Man of Steel inches closer to production with the news of a new script rewrite in progress. The previous script, written by David Goyer with some sort of involvement from Jonathan Nolan, was rumored to have a weak third act. Now, Superman’s fate lies in the hands of Kurt Johnstad.

Johnstad previously worked with Man of Steel director Zack Synder on 300, which he penned the script for. That movie’s script was a mixture of over-the-top proclamations and Frank Miller’s cheesy comic book dialogue. You can imagine I’m not that keen on handing over another script to this guy.

Hiring Zack Synder to make a more “realistic” Superman film is bad enough, but teaming him up with his friend who helped him make bad films in the past makes me think Warner Brothers has no idea what they’re doing.

[Via /Film]