This is the End getting re-released in theaters soon


This is the End was the best film of the Summer hands down (Fast & Furious 6 notwithstanding). It brought the biggest surprises, biggest laughs, and most memorable moments (that finale had to be the greatest thing I’ve seen in years). So if you have yet to experience it (it did release during a big weekend after all), you’ll be able to soon as it’s hitting theaters again (hope it wasn’t spoiled for you)! 

For some reason, This is the End is releasing back into theaters starting September 6th. As I mentioned in my review, I’m very curious as to whether TiTE‘s comedy holds up once I’ve already seen it. One of my main concerns was its lasting power, so it’ll be a great time to experiment before the film releases on Blu-ray in October. Also if you want a good gauge of whether or not you’ll enjoy TiTE‘s brand of offensive comedy, watch this video. Are you guys willing to give This is the End another go? If you didn’t see it at all, is the re-release making you want to? 

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