This is the first color film footage ever recovered


This is absolutely astonishing. The National Media Museum in Bradford, England has discovered the world’s very first color film, dating back to 1902. The film is made from a process developed by Edward Raymond Turner in 1899. It’s likely this would have been discovered much earlier, had Turner not died suddenly the year after shooting the footage. It’s sheer luck that the museum happened to find the film stashed in a random can of film. Following the clip is a short about the discovery of the film and what the National Media Museum did to restore the film. 

It’s a little wild that we’re watching this incredibly important piece of history with no trouble whatsoever. Even ten years ago, this would be something the museum would have to broadcast on TV or something to share with the world, and now I can look at it on my telephone. We live in a strange, fantastic world, gang.

[Via The Film Stage]