This poster for Rubber will melt your brain with awesome


I’m so excited for Rubber, I could just plotz. After I read Max’s review of it, I did plotz. This movie looks absolutely amazing, or at least absolutely fo’ cray-cray. I have no idea what that phrase means. It just kinda slipped out. I’m excited for Rubber, is what I’m saying. It’s evidently on some video on demand services, but Googling “Rubber video on demand,” offers some less than helpful, though entirely sexy results.

At any rate, there’s a new poster for it from fantasy artist Boris Vallejo, and it’s just about as epic as humanly possible. It’s one topless lady away from a Heavy Metal cover, which we all know is the most epic thing imaginable next to John Wayne. Check out the full poster in the gallery below.

[Via Collider]