This train don’t stop: New trailer for South Korean zombie-fest Peninsula ups the ante


Courtesy of Well Go USA, we have a new trailer for Peninsula, director Yeon Sang-Ho’s smash hit Train to Busan. Barreling the undead action to, well, the entire Korean peninsula (you didn’t think they’d get on another train?) the world has seen better days in the post-apocalyptic sequel.

The new trailer’s got everything one could want from a ghoul-gashing sequel, including a Terminator reference! You’ve got zombie games, a young, spunky kid (Lee Re) ingeniously blowing up the undead, and a sophomore effort from Yeon that looks to blow its predecessor out of the water in terms of scope and ambition.

Originally planned to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this year, Peninsula remains unscreened thus far, with countries beginning to release it this August. US distribution will be handled by Well Go for sometime this year, though the state of American theaters remains tenuous due to the ongoing pandemic.