This year’s Oscars had the lowest viewership ever


The films hoping to walk away with the most coveted prize of the year had more viewers than the awards themselves, according to the latest numbers from Nielsen. That is pretty sad and the 2020 Oscars last night hit an all-time low in its viewership numbers with only 23.6 million tuned into the award show. It’s a drop of about 6 million from 2019 which was the first year where there was no host. Viewership has been steadily declining since 1998 when Titanic won Best Picture.

This year viewers it seems were bored of the no-host thing and are craving a return. While many of the presenters did a great job at being entertaining and funny as well as beginning with a hot opening dance number, viewers at home just weren’t interested in what the Academy was delivering. I bet if they had advertised that Eminem was making a surprise appearance a hell of a lot more people would have been interested in watching. The Oscars need to find more ways to connect with its viewers or else sadly numbers will keep dropping. Will they bring back a host for 2021? I sure hope so!

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Tarah Bleier
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