Thor 2 hammer passed unto mighty new director


Thor 2 has been talked about for a while now and has since been met with a fair bit of controversy. Having stepped down from the directing throne of Thor 2, Kenneth Branagh passed down Thor’s mighty hammer unto Patty Jenkins, but woe unto her as she could not bare such responsibility. The hammer laid dormant until Loki himself (Tom Hiddleston) took it upon himself to reveal the next savior that would usher in Thor 2, and that savior was named… Alan Taylor. Tom Hiddleston also revealed that the movie is set to begin shooting this summer.

In other news, it has been revealed that after choosing Alan Taylor as their new director, Marvel realized they needed a script rewrite. They gave the job to Robert Rodat, whose work is best known from Saving Private Ryan. The initial draft was written by Don Payne who also wrote the original Thor. I guess we’re going to have a bit more pathos this time around.

Thor 2 is scheduled to hit theaters November 15, 2013, though where this figures into the whole apocalypse thing is beyond me. I guess we’ll be seeing Thor 2 in rapture or something. Hope they have big screens there.

[Via FirstShowing, SuperheroHype]