Thor 4 is officially called Thor Love and Thunder and will have a female Thor


After Taika Waititi took the Thor series of movies from Thor: The Dark World, quite literally the worst movie in the MCU to one of the most fun and meaningful entries with Ragnarok, it could be safely assumed that he was going to be coming back for whatever Feige had planned for Thor 4. Just this past week we got confirmation that Waititi would be returning but no one could imagine what the head honchos had in store for the newest entry.

While it shouldn’t be surprising to see that Natalie Portman is returning to the series after missing out on Ragnarok, to see her return as female Thor? Color me intrigued and also super excited. Chris Hemsworth will be returning as Thor and Tessa Thompson also returning in her role as Valkyrie.

While this doesn’t really answer my biggest question after Endgame about what lies in wait for Thor, it’s good to see that they aren’t throwing one of my favorite characters to the wayside in place of newer ones. Thor: Love and Thunder will release in theaters on November 5, 2021.

Natalie Portman is Female Thor [Deadline]

Anthony Marzano
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