Thor posters are slightly better than First Class posters


Remember when the X-Men: First Class promotional posters were unveiled and everybody hated them? Oh, you’re still trying to forget about them? Luckily, the Thor posters have been revealed and they’re better than X-Men‘s… right?

Newsarama recently showed off the posters promoting the film (which you can view in the gallery). They’re nothing ground-breaking, but considering how TERRIBLE the X-Men: First Class posters were, they’re definitely a step up. Of course, at this point they could have done MS Paint drawings of Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman and they’d still be better than the uninspired Photoshop jobs done for X-Men.

What do you guys think? You know, it’d be fun if you guys did your own MS Paint/Photoshop posters and shared them with the world. THE WORLD!

[via Newsarama]