Thor Ragnarok Cast Grows, Adds THE HULK & more


Marvel just announced some major additions to its third Thor film, Thor: Ragnarok including Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum, Karl Urban, and Tessa Thompson. Oh, and another guy you might have heard of, Mark Ruffalo, as a little green man, apparently under the misnomer of, The Hulk. Oh, he’s not little? Got it. That hulk. YES. THE Hulk will be in the next Thor movie, continuing Marvel’s kickass trend of actually building a universe that resembles the pages of the comics these characters were pulled from: that is, people just show up … ALL. THE. TIME.

Equally exciting is the addition of Karl Urban who is no stranger to viking themed movies having starred in 2007’s Pathfinder. You know what they say, once a viking, always a viking. Just ask Randy Moss.

According to Marvel, “Cate Blanchett [will play] the mysterious and powerful new villain Hela … Tessa Thompson … will bring the classic hero Valkyrie to life … and Karl Urban will add his might to the fray as Skurge.” Jeff Goldblum will presumably be there to reprise his role as the human fly, or to destroy the aliens, once again, a skill he previously perfected in Independence Day.

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