Thor: Ragnarok San Diego Comic-Con trailer is *$#%@!^ awesome


Thor: Ranarok had a tough encore. It’s first trailer was the stuff of movie nerd wet dreams and it bowed during the Super Bowl. It’s hard to make a better entrance than that. Now disregard everything I just said, as its second trailer just premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con and the movie is looking more and more visually stunning. While the first trailer just wowed us, this one builds out a story: Thor and friends (Loki, the Hulk, and more) must stop the God of Death and thus Ragnarok (aka the end of all things). It’s like every shot was designed to be the money shot. So cinematic. So much color. So funky. Check out the ridiculous trailer below.

"Thor: Ragnarok" Official Trailer

My only disappointment is I felt they revealed too much. Not only was it bad enough to show the span of the battle between the God of Death and the Asgardian army. Additionally, they seem to show much of the battle between the Hulk and Thor, and the outcome. The whole gladiator battle Thor and the Hulk was a big selling point too. I’m not sure they should have spoiled it so readily.