Thor sequel hires FF2: Rise of the Silver Surfer scribe


To date, the only Marvel Comics adaptation movie I haven’t seen, including Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four, is the sequel to Tim Story’s 2005 take on the family FF, Rise of the Silver Surfer. This is for the very specific reason that it’s widely considered to be insufferable in every way. Among my collegues, I’m sure there’s at least one who fought six years of depression after viewing it. So what could go wrong if Surfer screenwriter Don Payne were hired for the sequel to Thor?

Nothing, according to Marvel, who announced he’s been given control of the script only a day after Thor director Kenneth Branagh tipped his hat and vacated the director’s chair. If I had the means, I’d drop a line to the creator of Farscape. It has the same sort of cheesy charm while corralling a serious following, this against stage-makeup odds in the same way that Doctor Who succeeds. Thor 2: The Dawn of Golden Beard will be made on the cheap either way, but my suggestion already spun profit with the production value of a Sci-Fi Channel original.

[Via Screen Rant]