Thor: The Dark World poster released


Thor: The Dark World, the next Marvel sequel following Iron Man 3, just got a hot new poster. It shows, well, it doesn’t show that much besides Chris Hemsworth clad in Thor gear and looking moody. I don’t know if that represents a tonal switch from the Shakespearean madness of the first film, the sub-title of ‘Dark World’ probably indicates the tone anyway, but I guess the poster looks swag enough? 

With Christopher Eccleston on board, the poster is irrelevant in my opinion. The original Thor is still one of my favorite Marvel films for how Kenneth Branagh took the great Bard and through him into the comic book world. Eccleston as the main villain, Malekith, will probably be one of the greatest things ever. And I’m not exaggerating. Maybe a little. I am really looking forward to seeing more of this film though and this poster probably kicks the Avengers fever towards Comic Con.

[via Thor Facebook page]