Three Stooges loves 90s celebs, casts Sean Hayes as Larry


Not to long ago, we confirmed that Will Sasso was cast as Curly in the Farrelly Brother’s upcoming Three Stooges movie. Though I can’t help but poke fun at Will Sasso and his relevancy post MAD TV, that is put aside due to the fact that it’s actually stellar casting based on the “fat oaf” look alone. Now we have another Stooge joining Will Sasso’s Curly, and he’s also risen from the grave that is 90’s television (well, early 2000s really).

Variety reports that Sean Hayes has been confirmed as Larry Fine in the upcoming Three Stooges flick. For those of you who might be wondering “Who is Sean Hayes again?”, he was the other gay guy in Will & Grace. You know, the GAYER guy. The upcoming project is scheduled to release next year and will feature 28 minute vignettes of physical comedy highlighting each Stooge.

Now that Larry and Curly are out of the way, all that’s left to cast is Moe Howard (my personal favorite) and the often forgotten Stooge Shemp (if they really want to be thorough). Hank Azaria is currently the insider favorite to play Moe, but with the current trend of casting obscure 90’s celebrities, I’m going to go out on a limb and say they’re going to cast Johnathan Taylor Thomas or John Stamos in the role. Actually, John Stamos wouldn’t be a bad choice. QUICKLY, SOMEONE CALL THE FARRELLY BROTHERS!

[via Variety]