Three Stooges remake shooting in March


Men everywhere: rejoice! The Three Stooges are finally returning to theaters.  The Farrelly brothers have been planning a Stooges reboot for a dog’s age now. You may remember that this was a project that Jim Carrey and Sean Penn were attached but recently dropped out due to inactivity, also possibly due to complications of the stick rammed up Sean Penn’s butt.

The joke is on them, because the film is finally set to move forward, with principal photography beginning on March 14th, even with the cast still up in the air. Benicio del Toro was attached to play Moe for a while, and it’s uncertain if he left along with Carrey and Penn. What excites me the most about the project is plans to film it in three twenty-seven-minute long segments, just like all the Three Stooges bits of yore. The plot begins with the Stooges left on the steps of an orphanage as babies and goes straight into adulthood.

In 2011/2012, we’ll all continue the sacred argument: why do mostly only dudes love the Stooges? And more importantly, is Shemp going to be in it?

[Via Get The Big Picture]