Thriller to become a movie…but longer this time.


So Michael Jackson is in the news right now for being the best earning dead dude in history, having made $275 million this year, which is especially impressive for a dead dude that hadn’t released any albums over the past few years before he died. Now, the company that produced most of Scorcese’s last few films is shopping around a pitch for a movie designed around Thriller, to be written by Jeremy Garelick of The Break-Up and directed by Kenny Ortega, who directed all the High School Musicals, along with This is It, the documentary of Michael Jackson on tour. Apparently, the film will be centered around, “the song’s folklore, involving Vincent Price and the town he grew up in.”

And you know what? Every day I go down Hollywood Boulevard to go to work, there is a line of tourists waiting to take their picture of Michael Jackson’s star. So this will make bank. I will probably see it. I nevertheless reserve my god-given right to make fun of it.

[Via Deadline]