Tick Tock Tale and canceled Newt show off art


While I’m terribly upset every time I remember the fact that a Pixar film was canceled, as was the case with Newt, I have to say that the concept art for that film shown here is far less exciting to me than the art for Tick Tock Tale a short film Disney had originally intended to put before the Princess and the Frog, but then changed their mind, most likely because they didn’t want people seeing a good short and comparing it to their terrible full length film.

Tick Tock Tale, which is about a small clock that gets picked on by the bigger clocks until he has a chance to redeem himself when a thief breaks in, just looks like some amazingly old school Disney — despite the fact that it is computer animated. This concept art does nothing to quell that feeling obviously. The short has actually already been released at festivals, but still hasn’t gotten any sort of theatrical release. Hopefully that changes as soon as possible because I can’t wait to see it.

You can check out a clip of it below.

Oh yea, Newt artwork looks nice too.

[via /Film]

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