Tim Burton finds new favorite to write stop-motion script


We don’t usually cover gossip here on Flixist, but Tim Burton’s love life trumps previous policies. Burton’s previous love affair with Johnny Depp has not gone unnoticed, as he casts the man in damn near all of his projects. He’s recently taken a new liking to writer Seth Grahame-Smith, who he worked with on Dark Shadows. This new lover formerly penned Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and apparently charmed Burton with his skill both on the set and behind closed doors. Now he’s set to write Night of the Living, a stop-motion project about a peaceful town of monsters that gets invaded by humans.

While this new project is not terribly erotic, it’s safe to assume that there will be plenty of steamy subtext between the lines. Johnny Depp was not available for comment, presumably because he’s crying on his Burton-shaped pillow and wondering what changed.

[Via Collider]