Tim Burton set to direct live-action Dumbo remake


Disney has announced yet another in its long line of recent live-action adaptions of classic animated films. The upcoming project this time is Dumbo, the classic tale of a big-eared circus elephant who eventually learns to fly, much to the chagrin of his peers. It’s also been announced that this feature will be directed by none other than Tim Burton.

Burton has already had some experience with the gritty remake game for Disney with Alice in Wonderland a few years back, and it’s probably safe to assume that a live action Dumbo would be just as reliant on CGI as Alice was. It’s already been hinted at that the movie will be interested in exploring the bigger universe that Dumbo is set in rather than just retreading the film.

One has to wonder already, though, if he’ll go the typical dark Wicked style angle with this like many of these recent remakes or if it’ll be something a little more fantastical in line with previous Burton films like Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and Big Fish. Hopefully Burton is the perfect fit for such a bizarre premise for a film.

[via WSJ]