Tim Hill smells what Walter the Farting Dog is cooking


Tim Hill certainly doesn’t like to rest on his laurels. Following the recent announcement that he’ll be directing the Short Circuit reboot, an adaptation of the children’s book series, Walter the Farting Dog, has been announced with Hill at the helm. Joining him are screenplay writers and Toy Story alum, Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow. The Farrelly Brothers are also on board to produce the film.

Officially, the books are about a family dealing with their farting dog, Walter. Unofficially, I think the farts endow him with super powers (as I’ve gathered from the header/book cover). I have this fear that people can see my farts, so I try not to do it in public. Walter, however, seems to be a supporter of flatulence liberation, going so far as to take his message to the skies. What about the birds, Walter?!

[via Dark Horizons, via The Hollywood Reporter]