Tim Robbins will direct (dramatic pause) CITY OF LIES


So Tim Robbins, best known for starring in a few episodes of St Elsewhere and being one half of a duo with Martin Lawrence in Nothing To Lose, is to direct a movie about two spies who fall in love in Czechoslovakia during the Cold War. It’s called City Of Lies, based on a 2003 short story from the anthology ‘Wild East: Stories from the Last Frontier’.

I don’t care much about any of this, unless the movie ends with someone standing up in a courtroom and declaring: ‘And only now are we are aware… that we live in a CITY OF LIES!’

Cue dramatic music and ‘Fin’ superimposed over a billowing red curtain. Also Robbins should kiss a goat, or something.

If that happens, it’s the greatest movie ever made.

[via Coming Soon]